Planting Fruit Trees For A Healthier Planet.



Plant Fruit Trees

Attention New Fruit Tree Planters! Since every region has a unique climate and soil conditions, it is best to check with local experts for advice on what varieties and methods are best utilized at your planting site. Your first step might be to obtain a sense of what hardiness zone you are located in to compare that with the growing recommendations listed on the tree you are purchasing. If you are just learning the basics of fruit tree planting, please see our resources section for detailed instructions. Your local state extension agent should also have excellent advice on local conditions, based on years of collected data and experience. A good resource to find your local agent can be found here.

Attention Experienced Fruit Tree Planters! If you’ve already planted trees as a Fruit Tree Planting Foundation volunteer, please email the details of your plantings to info@ftpf.org, including the number of trees, species, date, and exact location so we can add your wonderful efforts to our database. If you send us digital photos of trees you’ve planted, we may feature them on our website in the future. Also, if you are an experienced planter and would like to share your knowledge or volunteer to help, please sign up here!