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FTPF’s “Fruit Relief” program involves strategically planting fruit trees in areas where the harvest will most benefit hungry, poor, and needy people—such as homeless shelters, low-income communities, and international hunger relief sites—and distributing fruit trees directly to needy families to have as a source of nutrition in their backyards for decades to follow. As a result of our orchard donations, life-saving sustenance is provided and local volunteers, many of whom are in difficult situations themselves, are empowered to take action for their environment. “Fruit Relief” also involves making donations of fresh produce, either from trees we’ve planted or of the same variety grown in our plantings, to various food relief organizations.

Please see the following description for two examples of this program area. For a more comprehensive list of our recent projects, please click here.

Tana Delta Fruit Relief, Kenya
Spring, 2007 - Present: FTPF's "Fruit Relief" program launches an ongoing, life-saving effort to distribute fruit trees directly to needy families in coastal Kenya. In 2007, the program successfully donated and planted over 2000 fruit trees in the Tana Delta region, including at numerous schools.

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Vrindavan Fruit Relief, India
August, 2006 - Present: FTPF's "Fruit Relief" program implements an ongoing, life-saving effort to donate 200 fruit trees directly to needy families every month. In 2007 alone, FTPF created backyard orchards for more than 700 poverty-stricken families in 27 villages. In August, 2006, FTPF created a large orchard of more than 250 fruit bearing trees and built a water well for Food For Life Vrindavan (FFL), a hunger relief group serving 1200 free meals daily to starving families. Harvest from the orchard will be used to supplement their meals program. The director of FFL wrote: “For us and for our children, FTPF’s orchard donation to supplement our hunger relief efforts will literally save lives.”

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